EMOTIONS CHECK-IN for the child who finds it difficult to attend school


Emotional check ins for the child who finds it difficult to attend school.


Two check-ins for the child who finds it tricky to attend school. Ideally the emotional check in would be upon arrival in school in a quiet room with a trusted (for the child) member of staff. It will give the child an opportunity to settle as well as acknowledge and inform school staff of trigger situations during the day and strategies required. The afternoon check in is to ensure the positives are processed and that strategies are reinforced for the following morning.  These could be collated and be a home/school contact book.

Morning check in captures the emotions and a 1-10 score, what strategies were used to enable the child to attend, what they are looking forward to in the school day, what may be tricky and who/how can they ask for help.

Afternoon check-in captures the emotions at the end of the day (ideally just before pick up), a 1-10 score, what was positive about the day, ideally identify 3 positives linked to the school day, what was tricky and what strategies they can use the next morning.


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