Emotional Regulation Intervention (age 11-16yrs)


6/7 week structured intervention to educate young people around emotional regulation.


Comprehensive and structured 53 page, 6/7 week pack.

Week 1/2 Who Am I?

To gain overview of issues being faced, to increase self-awareness of the young person and those around them. Set achievable targets with the young person.

Week 3 The Emotional Scale – educating around the crisis cycle, triggers and the stress bucket to demonstrate mounting triggers.

Week 4 My Protective Brain – Upstairs/Downstairs Brain and identifying the stress response relating to fight, flight, freeze or fawn.

Week 5 Physical Indicators of Dysregulation – education around physical changes in the body relating to the stress response, with particular attention to those experienced during the escalation phase (optimum time to use strategies to return to calm).

Week 6 Calming Strategies

Identify personalised strategies to aid calming.

Week 7 Let’s Recap – Emotional Management Plan and review targets set in week one.

Resource pack includes calming strategy prompts, self-esteem/positivity activity, weekly monitoring activity and examples for the practitioner/provider/parent. Could be extended with other standalone activities in the Resource Store.

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