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An Education and Health Care Plan is a legal document that describes a child or young person’s special educational, health and social care needs, explains the extra help that will be given to meet those needs and how that help will support the child or young person to achieve what they want to in their life.

At The Contented Child we are thrilled to be able to offer EHCP Support Packages, delivered by Ione Hart, at all stages of the process.

I have two unique children, whose quirkiness can at times, be both a blessing and a curse. During the years I have known Ione she has provided both advice and comfort. She is a kind, caring lady, who understands the challenges of being an SEN mum. She has supported me when things have been tough, and has helped me to face any difficulties with realism and humour.

Sadly our mum journey has now taken different paths, but her wisdom, kindness and friendship is missed. She has so much understanding of SEN, EHCP’s and schooling and above all she understands the highs and lows of parenting

Ione Hart

Do you need to apply for an EHCP?

Ione is able to offer consultation on how appropriate it is to apply for an EHCP, and when it would be beneficial to do so. There is no guarantee they will be accepted so timing and having the right information is key.

A 1 hour Zoom meeting is arranged to discuss your situation and assess appropriateness. If it is not the right time to apply, Ione would advise on how to be ready for an application in the coming months.


The Zoom meeting is charged at £45.

Making a Start - Requesting a Statutory Assessment

If you would like support with just getting the process started and feel that you can take it from this point supported by the other agencies involved, Ione can support with the initial parent/carer request letter only.


This incurs a fee of £95

From Initial Request to Decision - Applying

Ione will make the process less-stressful and more efficient for you. She will start by supporting the completion of a parental request to assess and will support with the completion of the EHCP paperwork submitted to the Local Authority. This will rely on a close working relationship with parents and carers to ensure that a thorough case is submitted to the local authority.

Once the EHCP is issued it would be checked thoroughly before the final draft becomes a legal document.

Sometimes local authorities may refuse to assess your child as part of the Education Health and Care Plan process. However, with the right evidence and following the key points set out in the Code of Practice, your application should be successful. If not, Ione can also support you to challenge this through appeal, but in essence the idea is to not reach this point.


It is not possible to say how long this process would take as every child is different. There is a minimum charge of £395. If a greater level of work is required this will be discussed, agreed and charged at £45 per hour.

Challenging Decisions

Sometimes you may feel like it is necessary to challenge a decision that has been made by the local authority, with regards to your child’s EHCP.

You can challenge at 3 key points of the EHC process:

  1. If the Local Authority refuses to assess your child for an EHCP
  2. If the Local Authority, after assessing, refuses to issue a plan
  3. If the Local Authority issues a plan, but you feel that are not an accurate reflection of your child’s needs and provision to support those needs.

Ione can support with registering an appeal.


It is not possible to say how long this process would take as every child is different. There is a minimum charge of £150. If a greater level of work is required this will be discussed, agreed and charged at £45 per hour.

For Tribunal Support a consultation of 1 hour is appropriate to establish support. This is charged at an hourly rate of £45

Existing EHCP Assessment

Ione will use her professional experience and expertise to check through all the paperwork of an existing education, health and care plan.

Ione will always ask to check through all your paperwork before completing the check of the EHCP itself. This is to get a full understanding of your child, their needs and to know exactly what is involved, before checking through the EHCP itself. It will be checked to make sure that all needs are being addressed.

Feedback will be provided, and recommendations be made should it be felt they are pertinent to supporting your child’s needs. This can be used by yourselves to discuss at Annual Review and Graduated Response meetings. It can also be used as needed throughout your child’s EHCP Journey.


The assessment requires approximately 15 hours and costs £350

Post-assessment support is charged at £45 per hour.

Unsure if this is appropriate for your needs? A 20 minute Zoom meeting can be arranged to discuss your requirements. This is charged at £25.

General Advice

Ione has been a Senco for many years now. She, like many in the Education industry, is learning all the time as nothing stays the same. For parents and carers the system can be confusing and Ione can help you with the jargon, make sense of the system and get the best for your child.

If you are looking for some general SEN advice for your child, or would like their individual provision plan checked, Ione can provide the appropriate expertise.


This is charged at an hourly rate of £45.

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