Autism And Girls, The Hidden Gender – Recording


This workshop of over 2 hrs 45 mins for parents is designed to empower; To develop knowledge confidence and skills in understanding and managing behaviour that challenges from children – including violent, aggressive behaviour.

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‘Are parents and professionals missing the signs of autism in girls?’ Kate Reynolds

Autism is often described as the ‘exaggerated male brain’ and certainly there is prevalence in diagnosis with current National Autistic Society figures showing that only 1 in 4 diagnoses are female. Is this really an accurate picture though? Are boys really more susceptible to this condition?

In this course, we explore why autism is different for girls, the gender issues within diagnostic methods and the issues with gender bias even post diagnosis. We will look at the particular characteristics presenting within girls as well as female friendly strategies for dealing with big issues such as puberty.

Your Trainer is Tracy Mapp.

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