THE PRIMARY PACK – a comprehensive range of interventions for the 4-11 years age range.


Comprehensive collection of interventions for the primary age range (4-11 years)


We have been asked to put together a package of interventions for the primary school age range – making an extensive range of resources available to differentiate to each child’s individual needs. Suitable for school staff, therapists, counsellors and those supporting young people and their parents.

Our interventions are all written to enable a facilitator to pick up the pack and have all necessary resources and instructions to deliver. Explainers are included to educate/support the facilitator as well as educate parents. Interventions are 6-9 weeks and often additional activities are included to extend beyond the initial framework. Facilitator packs include checklists, recording documents, target setting, evaluations – for both parent and child.

Interventions included are

What Are Emotions?

What Are Emotions Extension Pack

Emotional Regulation, the FACILITATOR Pack

Emotional Regulation, jthe ZONES OF REGULATION VERSION, the FACILITATOR Pack

Zones of Regulation Extension Pack

Supporting the Anxious Child, the FACILITATOR Pack

Taming Your Temper, the FACILITATOR Pack

Friendship Skills

The Roots of Success, a Growth Mindset Pack

Superhero Me, a Self-Esteem Intervention

Social Stories – When I Feel Angry, When I Feel Worried, When It Goes Wrong After School, When I Feel Nervous About Going to School, It is OK to Make Mistakes and Kind Hands and Feet.

Sensory Circuits Activity Pack


All resources are detailed fully in the Resource Store.

When resources are updated they will be automatically added to your account. Updates are announced on social media and via our mailing system.

A secondary pack will be coming soon.

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