NEW REVISED How to Run Emotional Regulation Intervention – On Demand


Anxiety will have peaked during the Covid-19 pandemic, experiencing loss and bereavement or being anxious about their personal safety once back at school.


For Parents and Professionals

Pastoral/emotional support is high on the list of priorities since children and young place have returned to education and whilst the situation is still so unsettled. Our popular emotional regulation intervention has been reviewed and revised with all new updated resources (also available in the Resource Store making this excellent value for money – with ages 4-16yrs covered in two resource packs now.  The original intervention is also included in what is now an extensive resource pack to accompany this recording.

For many pupils to thrive and succeed within the home and school setting, they need to have developed an ability to manage/regulate their emotions so that they are able to learn and achieve.

Our successful intervention, written by Niki Green, is delivered to young people both in the school and home setting with good impact gained. You will have the opportunity to gain a theoretical overview of the rage/anxiety cycle and to consider the underlying reasons for a pupil’s behaviour. You will be supported to identify strategies to support pupils at each of the stages of the rage/anxiety cycle and to explore the reasons for heightened anxieties/emotions.

You will also be provided with a resource pack to run the new enhanced 6/12 week structured intervention programme through sharing examples of effective practice. The programmes are structured to enable the pupils to develop their skills in managing their own crisis situations and to be able to reflect. Pupils will create a workbook and be introduced to a variety of visual supports which can be used as a management tool by setting staff and enable consistency in approach. This programme can be adapted for small group work.


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