June 19, 2020

The Contented Child is a breath of fresh air for parents of children who have a diagnosis or struggle with emotions or anxiety. They provide affordable, informative training which provide ms you with extensive resource packs. You just can’t get anything like it anywhere else!

Since attending the Emotional Regulation course I have been using many of the ideas presented by Niki. This morning we went for a back to school tour to show my son the changes after lockdown. He decided he wanted to wear his school uniform and once he put it on his hyper behaviour began. I got him to concentrate on me and listen and he said it’s my worries inside that are making me hyper. I asked him what he could do to calm and he instantly started deep breathing. He then suggested he needed to do something to distract his brain. He is only 5! Helping him with his anxiety and equiping him with coping and calming strategies means he is learning skills that will last him a lifetime. Educating children about emotional regulation is the key to parenting and increasing their well-being! A huge milestone has been achieved and I know this is only the beginning. Thank you so, so much.

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