Social story/activity pack to support anger management in young people.


WHEN I FEEL ANGRY, a comprehensive 12 page social story/activity which has been created to be personalised to the individual child.

A social story is a written narrative with accompanying pictures, made to illustrate certain situations, problems and challenges, and how children can deal with them. It should be read daily and can be used as a reflection tool after incidents. Social stories are thought of as an autism strategy but can be effective with all children.

Supplied as an electronic download, this activity aims to

Identify physical symptoms of anger or rising emotions
Raise awareness of personal triggers.
Support developing healthy calming/coping strategies. Some strategies suggested as well as ability to personalise.

Includes resources to construct visual prompts/keyring to reinforce strategies.

Can be used by parent/carers or professionals in 1-1 sessions, particularly compliments our emotional regulation intervention.

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