TAMING MY TEMPER, a 6 plus week intervention (age 6-11yrs)



Our most comprehensive pack to date of 85 pages includes impact measure, sensory and executive checklists, behaviour and mood trackers, reflection tools, visual resources, activity explainers (social scripts and reflection), reflection tool, calming strategy activities, self-esteem tool, visual resources and weekly instructions, as well as the weekly activities.

This intervention aims to support the angry child to understand and manage their anger and resulting behaviours.  It will educate around the awareness of personal triggers, an understanding of the brain and survival instinct, physical feelings associated with the anger cycle and assist in developing a range of strategies via activities.

This pack is ideal for professionals working with young people with supportive resources and can also serve as an evidence gathering tool. Equally parents may be able to deliver this in the family home. Due to the extensive content involved this intervention is at least six weeks long, dependent on session length.

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