Positive Approaches To Managing Behaviour At Home – On Demand (14 Days Access)


Understand and encourage positive behaviour in your child whilst being able to maintain a strong relationship with them.

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What we sometimes see as a failure to behave properly, is actually a failure to communicate properly

This online workshop can help parents and carers in understanding and encouraging positive behaviour in their children whilst being able to maintain a strong relationship with the child. The workshop will

  • Educate around what is and what drives behaviour
  • To understand the child’s needs and how to better manage emotions, both theirs and yours
  • Effective discipline strategies
  • Managing behaviour in collaborative and positive ways
  • Explore natural and logical consequences and the reasoning behind them
  • Setting limits and which behaviours to prioritise
  • Maintaining a strong relationship with your child whilst still enforcing boundaries
  • Looking after yourself as a parent

You will receive an electronic resource pack to support you moving forward from the workshop.

Your trainer is

Niki Green

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