Emotional Regulation, a parent friendly pack packed full of explainers and tools alongside the intervention.


We are excited to launch our first PARENT PACK – designed to be delivered by parents/carers in the home setting.

Based on our popular emotional regulation which is currently supporting young people worldwide – this 50 page pack comprises of new tools as well as parent explainers – An Introduction to Emotional Regulation, Co-Regulation, The Brain and Emotional Regulation, The Emotional Overwhelm Cycle, The Survival Instinct, Managing Meltdowns, Creating a Calm Space, Reflection Upon an Incident, The Science of Deep Breathing and Three Good Things, the intervention itself with child friendly instructions, a range of calming strategies/activities, tools for parents including emotions symbols and flashcards, emotions scales, calming visual prompts and reflection tools.

Our emotional regulation intervention which aims to raise self-awareness, understanding of emotions and emotional overwhelm cycle, physical indicators of rising emotions and develop a range of strategies for calming. A selection of the activities are pictured.

We invite schools to purchase and share with parents.

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