Resource Park to support after school restraint collapse.


Resource to support children and their families with after school restraint collapse. This pack includes explainers on An Introduction to Emotional Regulation, Co-Regulation, The Brain and Emotional Regulation, How Your Brain Keeps You Safe, Managing Meltdowns, The Survival Instinct, Creating a Calm Space, Reflection Upon an Incident, Using a Social Script and The Science of 3 Good Things. A 9 page social script can be personalised to the individual child and reinforces healthy habits after school to diffuse restraint collapse. Reflection tool to brainstorm events and adopt coping skills moving forward. Visual resources to capture emotions, stop and think as a prompt as well as calming skills visual prompt. Now includes prompt re masking in school as well as executive function and sensory processing checklists to identify school based triggers and activity – what is tricky in school? Also ‘What I Wish My Teacher Knew About Me’

Useful tool for professionals working with parents also.

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